An unusual place to stay.

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Our Story

Richard bought Fingals as a run-down manor farmhouse in 1981 and created, over the years, a chic hotel as an escape for city dwellers. Sheila joined him in 1993 with two young children and became his partner in every way. Every winter they would make changes, improvements and additions and, as Fingals evolved, the commitment to hosting house parties, weddings and generally entertaining each evening took its toll. We decided to convert Fingals into six self-catering holiday cottages in Devon. Sheila’s background is book publishing and Richard’s is restaurants and modern furniture.

An Unseen Garden ... A poem of our time...

Written by Richard during the Covid lockdown in the Spring of 2020

The sun blessed Spring has now come and gone
How long can this lockdown go on and on
The Daffodils shone bright on our grassy bank
After the winter that was so wet and dank
We watched along under the deep blue sky
The Camellias and Tulips blossom and die
And the mass of Camassia throw off their flowers
As the Wisteria emerged with late April showers
And all through May it was at its best
Neither admired nor seen by a single guest
As for the wild garlic adorning our lane
You will have to wait till Spring comes again
As time flies by we are now in June
The Rhodies are out and the Roses in bloom
We so wish you could see all our lovely flowers
We have nurtured lovingly for so many hours
And could hit balls together on our grass tennis court
As it is all marked up with the lawn cut short
But this cannot go on for ever and a day
Or all of our flowers will have faded away
When all of the U.S. are in independence celebrations
Is when Fingals is open for U.K. staycations.