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Coronavirus Statement

Fingals COVID Protocols 

In these uncharted waters it is hard to know where any of us stand regarding taking holidays in 2020 as we are all faced with some very difficult decisions.   At Fingals we are trying to work out how best to safeguard our guests, business and employees. The health and safety of everyone is a top priority.

From here on we would still like to have a deposit for any bookings made for this summer and the balance would not be due until four weeks before the arrival date.   Should anyone have to cancel for any Coronavirus related issues (illness in the family or contact traced requiring enforced quarantine) they would be able to cancel and roll over the deposit or get a refund.  If payment has been made in full and you have to cancel for Coronavirus issues we would hope you could claim on your insurance.   However, we are happy to discuss any difficulties at the time.

Should we have to close again due to further lockdown or travel restrictions the full refund or deferment would again apply.

Guests displaying signs of Covid 19 while staying at Fingals they must immediately self-isolate and request a test.   If it is confirmed they have Covid 19 they should return home immediately.  If a guest is too ill to return home immediately they will become liable for any and all cancellations/affected bookings due to their condition, this includes other cancellations where guests leave or don't come because of the presence of a Covid 19 sufferer on site.

Arrival & Departure:
We kindly ask for you to arrive no earlier than 6pm and vacate the property by 9am, on the day of arrival and departure, to allow us enough time to air, clean and reset each self-catering unit before the next guests arrive.

As it stands the Government guidelines state that the games room, sauna, changing room and gym will have to remain closed until further notice.  We hope this will change by the time we open but we will keep you updated as and when we have more information. The tennis court remains open but we ask you to bring your own rackets and balls to prevent any cross-contamination.   The swimming pool is open for one family at a time for 45 minutes each day, pre-booked only.

We are following the Government guidelines regarding the cleaning of the properties, please see the link below.