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The Garden awakes


As the snowdrops nod happily when you kissed my soul warmly love, laughing in the cold Spring air so stirringly beautiful flutters wings of a dove.

Little jewels appearing in our garden.

Fingals First Daffodils

"I wonder what spendthrift chose to spill
Such a bright gold under my windowsill!
Is it fair gold? Does it glitter still?
Bless me! It's a daffodil!
Celia Thaxter



Dillie is coming to Fingals!

We are more than just a bit excited to tell you that the completely wonderful Dillie Keane is coming back to Fingals for a one night only gig on Thursday 15th September. Hot Foot from sell out shows in both New York and the Edinburgh Festival she will be singing brand new tunes, grand old favourites, gorgeous songs of love and hilarious songs of utter wickedness on our Croquet Lawn. THE DAILY MAIL says "Exudes faded glamour, a bit like Brighton sea front" - PERFECT! We Cannot Wait! Tickets £12.50 each + £12.50 for supper in the interval. It is essential to book in advance.

Anybody up for a little Fingals madness?

A soggy picnic

This was a year or two ago - stilll makes us chuckle and I think we need more times like it!

Merry Christmas from Fingals

Christmas Tree

Too Often Around Christmas We Take The Words Of Carols (and sometimes our loved ones) For Granted. Have YOU ever stopped to think how you would feel if YOUR true love gave YOU a partridge in a pear tree??! This link contains crucial guidance for Christmas gifts:-

Open Fingas Xmas Card






Pumpkin face

We can cook them for you or you can carve them - we can't quite remember if these are wings or ears - what will you add to yours?

It's Pimms Time at Fingals


The garden is full of mint and strawberries - and the Jugs are full of PIMMS - CHEERS!


Our most beautiful rose


Roses You love the roses - so do I. I wish
The sky would rain down roses, as they rain
From off the shaken bush. Why will it not?
Then all the valley would be pink and white
And soft to tread on. They would fall as light
As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be
Like sleeping and like waking, all at once! George Eliot




Unwelcome Guests!

Monkey puzzle and kestrels

The doves are not enjoying our new family living at the top of the monkey puzzle tree .... a family of very noisy kestrels!


Special Place of the Year

We are completely thrilled and delighted to announce that Alastair Sawday has awarded Fingals his own personal choice of SPECIAL PLACE OF THE YEAR! At a wonderful ceremony in Bristol he said

“Many of our Special Places owners stick their necks out; that is, often, why they are special. In the case of Fingals the neck is unusually long. Richard and Sheila have never bowed an inch to pressure from the outside world. They plough a field of furrows their own way, and the results have been a triumph. If ever there was a generous welcome, an unstinting devotion to having fun, to being kind and to including every guest in the party - then it was here. It is also a handsome house, with delicious food, fine gardens and stacks to do.”

Thank you so much for your recognition of what Fingals is all about.


Kissing on the lawn

We hosted a beautiful reception for Rosie and Barry Abraham here in mid September on a day of glorious sunshine. Everywhere was decorated with ivy, wild flowers, lace, raffia, willow hearts and - as the Dartmouth Chronicle reported - a marquee on our crochet lawn! Here's a pretty good use of our tennis court too! We wish them lots of luck, love and happiness together.

Nature File.

Nature file at Fingals....

Spotted by guests from the Fingals pool balcony in August ....not just one but a pair of otters.... swimming upstream!! They were smartly followed by a pair of brightly coloured kingfishers...what other hotel can offer you these treats on site?

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Sally Shalam
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Alastair Sawday 2012
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Creature comforts and dazzling eccentricity? It's got to be Fingals, Devon's greatest escape
Angela Neustatter 2011
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