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The Gillespies
Amazing from start to finish! Absolutely wonderful time. Richard and Sheila are great hosts - and we loved every part of our stay!
Kirsten Melbourne
Our second is it to Fingals, it remains as magical as ever. The Stream Room is gorgeous.
The Smits Family
You Rock! We felt at home and enjoyed the friendly welcome, the nice breakfast, the great rooms and the tennis court.
Annie Burton
One of the highlights of my tour around the coast. I cannot recommend heartily enough, just go and stay here! You are made to feel as though you really are at home. Fabulous, quirky place and The Stream Room in which I stayed was out of this world.
The Sutton Family
Our most favourite and most loved b&b for 30 years - consistently charming and eclectic and unlike anywhere else. An entrancing haven - if you can't relax at Fingals, you won't be able to relax anywhere.
The Haigh Family
This was our second stay - and once again, the whole occasion felt magical. The service was outstanding throughout and the quality of the food and wine exceptional. 5/5 in every respect
Mr & Mrs Hand
A genuine, warm welcome, with a lovely cuppa in the garden. All very relaxed and hospitable, we were made to feel at home straight away.
Olivia Carucci
Thank you for having created such a fantastic place. We have priceless memories, especially Jimmy who grows up in London and misses the beauty of true, glorious, countryside.
Beautiful little spot of perfect paradise
Thank you for having created such a fantastic place. We have priceless memories, especially Jimmy who grows up in London and misses the beauty of true, glorious, countryside.
Sad to go!
Tennis, swimming-Elodie wants to spend the rest of her life here! Cleo found a soulmate in Nutmeg. Sad to go-thank you.
Bradbury Family
You will have gathered that we really enjoyed our holiday and are keen to return! You both went to a lot of trouble to make us relaxed and comfortable, the boat trip was a star attraction! May we have the 'same again' in 2017?
Dillie Keane
This is still the best hotel in the world - and the most spontaneous. Wonderful to return and catch up with you all.
Guest Book
This is the most difficult place to find but once found equally difficult to leave.
Clare & Andy Patterson
One of the most special places in the world, every second spent at Fingals is a joy.
Davina McCall
I always hate leaving, but I always know I'll be back! I love you guys.....big time
Roger & Alison Cooke
A perfect retreat from the tumult of modern life.
Ed Owen
So chilled, so beautiful, so welcoming, impossible to think we won't be back.
Martin Hoffman
For me Fingals is a sanctuary from the pluck and knock of the outside world. I think it is where the gods would relax when they got fed up with the manna on Mount Olympus!
Guy and Claire
One degree south of Heaven!
Antonia Fraser
A Magic Place
Vic Reeves
This place is BONKERS. The Disco, Casino. The All-Night Pool rave-ups, on-call hookers and Tequila slammin' pot parties! I shall return for more relaxation on my smacked up Arab Stallion waving an AK47 in the air! LOVED IT, LOVE YOU ALL
Cheryl & Roger Everitt
It is a breath of fresh air to stay in a truly eclectic place where the pace of life is relaxed laid back and you have NO mobile phone signal. We will be back. If you need to chill and relax then the laid back approach of Fingals is the hotel for you.
Phillipe Sands
Always Perfect. We love Fingals, the place is magic.......
Tripadvisor Review
In many ways Fingals doesn't feel like a hotel - no uniformed staff hover about, there's no one behind the bar, just help yourself and use the honesty tab.
Tripadvisor Review
We have, like so many others before us, fallen in love with beautiful Fingals. This place is full of soul and you'd have to be mad not to love it.
Rhianwen, Tom, Osian and Inigo Guthrie
We have, like so many others before us, fallen in love with your beautiful Fingals. We very much hope to return, if not this year then next, and feel extremely lucky to have found you."
Simon & Miranda Merrett
Lovely and eccentric. So different to all the other small hotels, it has to be tried.
Lara Fry
A wonderful stay! Thanks so much for opening your home. The Folly brought smiles on a daily basis as one found it 'winking' at us always. The ducks were an added bonus!
Nancy and Megan
A wonderfully whimsical place - wish we could stay for a month or two.
Sue, Vivian, Alice and Charlie
Two weeks of total bliss, the best food, the best companions, the most relaxing holiday we have ever had.
Debbie & Michael Jones
Best New Year ever! You don't feel as if you are in a hotel but have been invited for a house party instead.
The Rawle Family
Quaint and Quirky. The hotel is tucked away down winding "Devon Motorways",single lane roads with grass down the middle, but don't be put off, it's worth it.
James Ballantyne
A fantastic paradise of a hide-out (because the real world will never find you here).
Tripadvisor Review
You got me under your skin! The way that Richard has put the place together is fantastic. Sort of fearless.
Tripadvisor Review
Raise your glasses to Fingals! It is a style all of its own, it is unique and I am so glad we found it.
Tripadvisor Review
Uniquely original........Fingals is a little piece of heaven on earth.


The Guardian
The effect is a profound, enveloping sense of calm.... I love the place
Sally Shalam
Alastair Sawday's Special Places To Stay
Secret place to stay... Richard Johnston combines a rare laissez-faire style with a passionate commitment to doing things well
Alastair Sawday 2012
The Lady Magazine
Creature comforts and dazzling eccentricity? It's got to be Fingals, Devon's greatest escape
Angela Neustatter 2011
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